No worries

No worries

We are here to unburden you in every stage, with years of experience in hosting multi-datacenter managed applications.



We try to make advanced multi-datacenter infrastructures accessible and affordable for SMEs.

Automated scaling

Automated scaling

Our managed hosting scales with your workload. No need to worry about overloading servers anymore.

Design a solution

The DevOps process

We take care of the darker areas. The blue ones are developing and releasing your application, which is up to you. However, even in this stage we are able to collaberate in providing tips-and-tricks for getting your application ready to scale. Our team has years of experience with many programming languages, being able to support your team in building performing applications in our cloud.

Design a solution

1. Design a solution

In the first stage we design a solution that will fit your application. We will look into the requirements, how the application shall be deployed and how we are able to run it on our reliable infrastructure.

Build the solution

2. Build the solution

In the second stage the goal is to build it. For example, create the deployment procedure, setup the required cluster, configure backups and fine-tune monitoring to fit your application.

Deploy your application

3. Deploy your application

Now it is time to deploy your application to the designed solution. In this stage we will also do some performance- and fail-over tests, to ensure that it will function according to the requirements.

Monitor your application

4. Monitor your application

After everything is setup, it is time to monitor the application and proactively solve issues as they arise. No need to worry about failing parts, as we should already be aware about the issue when it happens.

A team that is always available for your application

With 24/7 monitoring and proactive response on issues.

Unburdened in every stage

Hosting an application takes time, care and experience. We take over most of the responsibility in running your application, with an experienced DevOps-team and a modern infrastructure. All together with clear SLAs and costs, you know what you can expect from us. We have made a chart to compare it with our closest competitors and why the Cloudbear Managed Cloud stands out in the market. This all in an effort to unburned your company and let your company focus on its core business: selling products, developing software and everything else - except DevOps and hosting.

Service Hardware Network Management System security Configuration Monitoring Deployment Application
Managed Cloud
Our responsibility Your responsibility
Consultancy Cloud responsibility Your responsibility* Vague Your responsibility
PaaS Their responsibility Your responsibility
IaaS Their responsibility Your responsibility

* only in the initial setup phase their responsibility, after that yours.

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What our customers say

With so many companies in this space, Cloudbear really stands out among the competition with the service and level of support they provide.
- Pay2Wash Read the full Pay2Wash case

The great thing about Cloudbear is that they really think along with you. They provided us with solutions that were in our best interest, not theirs. - MetaTracker

Very satisfied with the up-time and the actions in case of problems. Cloudbear knows what they are talking about and offers professional solutions. Really recommended. - Bas Homan

The quality of Cloudbear web hosting is very reliable and the responses per ticket were fast, do not need to call. - ProAlpha WebServices

Very nice to see that our site loads much faster at Cloudbear. I thought that was on our site, but that appears to be in the old server. - Roel van den Houten

Very good support and fast servers. The support is, and it does not matter what the question / problem is, always very clear and fast. - Michael Goossens

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